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Today, you're expected to do more with less. To help meet your key performance indicators and profitability goals, a proven game plan is key. As a manufacturer, you require flexible, scalable asset management solutions for the entire plant floor. We use a four-step process to create a customized asset management strategy that will help you avoid downtime, ease staffing burdens and get back online quickly with minimal impact on production. we offers holistic, scalable asset optimization solutions tailored to your specific needs. From individual, vendor-agnostic product repairs to comprehensive storeroom, spare parts, and repair management solutions, the Rockwell Automation asset management portfolio helps enhance the performance of your entire production environment.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems Solutions provide users with an “end to end” operations platform for excellence. Using Agatos MES Solutions, manufacturers can increase operational efficiencies, quality, compliance and performance. Productivity can be improved through faster inventory turns, reduced production lead times and swifter new product introductions for faster return on investment (ROI) and enhanced customer satisfaction. These benefits are the result of the right information, at the right time, in the right context for all executions activities pertaining to operations from work order management, through task execution and performance monitoring, providing decision support for planning and optimizing your business. To reach the ultimate goal of operational excellence, Agatos provides the right steps. Agatos MES solutions offer a comprehensive, cohesive way of adopting rigorous operations management, including people, equipment, and materials. With Agatos Software you can incrementally adopt and execute MES, getting control of scale, scope and pace of change. Without the “big bang” of some applications, you can leverage a low risk, step by step implementations approach, with long term sustainability and low a total cost of ownership (TCO). Agatos MES Solutions are based on configurable software which is scalable to effectively support any size of operation, from single line or production facility up to enterprise implementations, with large or multiple plants, including those geographically distributed.

Truck Tracking System

Truck Tracking System works under Milk Reception unit and keep record for every vehicle with respect to its arrival, departure and its stay time at every platform like quality assurance, MRU and CIP.

web based application allow users to operate it from any workstation. Definable quality parameters makes it more useful when it comes to detailed quality analysis.

Products We Offer


Software to empower people to control their world through connected technology.

Intouch HMI | MES | System Platform

Bihl Wiedemann

Provider of safety technology and electronic components for automation technology using AS-interface.

Beijer Electronics

Provider of industrial automation (operator panels) and data communiction.


Siemens is one leading company that offer broad selection of products. Now we can see Siemens technology are keep developing and used almost any kind of field.

We are also partners of Siemens, Rockwell Automation and Thames-side.

Our Services


Our Agatos's engineer will guide you to build:

- MES architecture

- MES requirement and design specification

- Automation-MES-ERP integration

Project acquired:

- Danone MES consultant

- Indolakto MES design


We provide maintenance services for those systems that we have delievered. The engineers that have developed the system will also be part of the maintenance team.

Electrical Engineering

we provide power systems, site installation, power quality studies, motors and motor controls development.

Industrial Software

we provide solutions that link your legacy systems to your existing control systems so that data can be from anywhere to anybody in the enterprise.

Panel Assembly

Our Panel Assembly can be part of a turn-key project or as an individual service based on customer requirements.

To ensure quality control, all panels must pass thorough Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) before shipment, as well as Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) upon installation on-site

Industrial Networking

we provide advanced analyics for :

• Industrial ethernet

• AS-i

• Profinet, profibus


knowledgeable instructors are dedicated to providing advanced training and skills development for operation and service personnel ensuring that your automation systems provide the expected benefits to your facility

Electrical & Instrumen Installation

Our Agatos's expert engineer is experienced on installation, commissioning and troubleshooting your electrical and instrument needs.

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ISO 9001:2015

Design, Supply and Implementation of Information and Control Solution


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Wonderware Certified


Invensys Authorized

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Siemens Certified

Authorized Distributor of Siemens